Personal Projects

Iron Giant

Tools: Blender
Timeline: 1.5 weeks

I initially created this model inspired by the Iron Giant. I wanted to improve my skills in animation, so I decided to animate a basic walk cycle using my model. This was a particularly challenging project for me because creating a smooth animation with a humanoid model requires much more subtlety than I had originally anticipated. Considerations in the angle of the legs, inverse kinematic bones, spine, and hips are aspects that I do not normally pay attention to, but are integral to how people move.

NBA Fantasy Suite VR

Tools: Unity, HTC Vive
Timeline: 2 weeks

For many who enjoy playing fantasy sports, it can be tedious to constantly switch between games to check scores while also paying attention to how your team is doing. I prototyped the NBA Fantasy Suite VR to imagine what the viewing experience could be like in immersive space. In VR, one can watch games, check scores, and monitor their fantasy stats in one holistic experience.


Tools: Processing, Arduino
Timeline: 1 week

Using Processing and Arduino, I created a physical computing audio reactive terrain music visualizer. The visuals were inspired by the vaporwave aesthetic as well as the movie "Tron". The color of the sky can be adjusted by a photosensitive sensor and the rider can be controlled with a potentiometer. The height of the terrain corresponds to the strength of the beat in a song. You can view a full demonstration here.


Tools: Unity, HTC Vive
Timeline:  2 weeks

Otobai is a VR experience where one rides a motorcycle in an endless procedurally generated city scape. Inspired by the movie "Akira", the environment is a representation of how one can get the feeling of being "lost" in the big city, the skyscrapers seemingly never ending.